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AOHHF Founding Funders DRAFT Redux  (15).png
AOHHF Founding Funders DRAFT Redux  (15).png

How to Apply: The Art of Hip Hop Fund


The official announcement of The Art of Hip Hop Fund will take place on August 11th, marking Hip Hop's official birthday and the beginning of our journey to nurture and support our cultural storytellers.


August 2023: Fund Launch - The funding opportunity for The Art of Hip Hop Fund is officially announced.

August 2023: - November 2023: Collaborative Fundraising Period - From August 11th to November 11th - Community fundraising. All funds raised will be added to our donation of $3,500 and will support the growth of funds available for The Cultures' cultural storytellers. The amount and number of grants, as well as the years of grant availability, will be determined by your active contribution.

November 2023Panelist Nomination - Panelist application/nominations open, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to help shape the grant allocation process and ensure inclusivity within the fund.

November 2023Application Officially Opens - The official application process for both grant seekers and nominated panelists commences. Artists and panelists alike are encouraged to apply and contribute to the growth and celebration of the vibrant culture of Hip Hop. 

Apply HERE

AOHHF Founding Funders DRAFT Redux  (15).png


Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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