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Hip Hop

A Love Letter

We are the students, practitioners, beneficiaries and descendants of Hip Hop, a global phenomenon born from the young creative minds of Bronx innovators from the 70s. ​ For over 50 years, Hip Hop has continued to shape our global consciousness and communities. The Art of Hip Hop Fund was designed to provide small grants to storytellers of the culture as a way to say "thank you" for capturing our voices. 

  • As we have grown, so has the culture. 

  • We understand that artists need support.

  • We recognize that there are few funding sources for artists who utilize Hip Hop as their primary medium. 

  • We are living testaments of how the voice of artists influences the hearts of many.

  • We honor those who birthed this revolutionary genre, who tell our stories.

  • We proudly identify as the successors and beneficiaries of their timeless legacy.

  • We embody a diverse, multifaceted community, interconnected  – an intricate tapestry transcending borders, religion, languages, and intersecting identities.

  • We know support comes in many forms.

  • We recognize the power of the art of Hip Hop as a storytelling medium that vividly paints our life's landscapes.

  • We are devoted to supporting those artists and creators who employ the essence of our culture to communicate narratives and experiences that are genuinely 'for us, by us.' Rooted in respect for our stories free from erasure.

  • We donate $1 at a time as a way of demonstrating all donations drive change.  

  • We invite you to join us.

Provide a small donation today. Become an inaugural donor and share your love letter.

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